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We understand how busy Doctors are and the amount of paperwork that is required to remain registered, employed and keep up to date with CPD/CME. Doctor Creds is here to let you get your life back and do what you want - practice medicine.

About Us

This app will act like a Digital Wallet which stores all the important information for Doctors (Junior to Specialists). It aims to give administrative control back to the medical practitioner by allowing Doctors to upload and share their certificates and importantly get notified before any document expires to ensure they continue to meet credentialing requirements.

Doctors can access these documents and share them with employers and third parties online in a controlled and secure manner.  

The digital wallet includes - 

  • Degrees
  • Certificates (ALS, MCQ)
  • Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Clearances
  • Provider Numbers

It allows medical practitioners to take control of their administrative documentation and store it securely online.  Doctor Creds uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store these documents, which will be more secure than any home computer.

About Us

Benefits to Medical Practitioners

The benefits offered by Doctor Creds to medical practitioners include it is a self-service portal that provides secure online storage, the ability to share information and set up reminders for upcoming expiry dates.

Document Manageability

Access your records 24/7 from anywhere in the world and share to third parties you choose via email or link

Immediate Access

To documents, cutting the delays of manual production, processing and post

Faster outcomes for you

Streamline administration and lead to faster decision making within institutions


Reduced Cost

Less manual production and postage means a more economical system for you

Increased Control and Security

You maintain control over who receives access and for how long, documents store on a secure AWS server in Australia

Environmental Sustainability

By reducing printed documents, saving millions of pieces of paper annually.

Benefits to Employers

Doctor Creds benefits to employers and other third parties

Improved Efficiency

Through streamlined administrative processes and reduced manual handling as the documents

Environmental Sustainability

By reducing printed documents, saving millions of pieces of paper annually.

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